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UGREEN 30453 2 in 1 USB C and USB A OTG Adapter
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UGREEN 30848 USB A 3.0 To 2.5” SATA HDD Enclosure
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Ugreen 40964 USB External Stereo Sound Card
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UGREEN Brand Origin

UGREEN is a consumer electronics brand owned by UGREEN Group Limited, founded in 2012. Its headquarters is in Shenzhen, China. UGREEN specializes in USB hardware, and among its other product categories are consumer electronics like audio equipment. The mission of UGREEN is 'To provide great value to users, to increase employee happiness, and to make a difference in society.' The Vision of UGREEN is ‘To become a global brand of value and humanity.' To know more about UGREEN, visit their official website.

UGREEN Market Operation

UGREEN has progressively evolved into a brand trusted by over 40 million people in over 100 countries worldwide.

UGREEN Bangladesh

When Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. acquired the authorized distributorship in 2021, UGREEN began its adventure in Bangladesh. Since then, Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. has been providing Bangladeshi consumers with the most recent UGREEN products. A wide range of UGREEN PC and mobile accessories are available such as converter and cable, Bluetooth receiver, card reader, earbuds, mobile accessories, etc.

UGREEN Converter and Cable

UGREEN serves various quality converters and cables in Bangladesh that fulfilling consumer expectations. At Global Brand Pvt. Ltd., we have male-to-male cables which come in various lengths like 2M, 3M, 5M, 15M, etc. We have an HDMI Switcher whose price starts from 850 BDT. We have UGREEN Type C converters and cables which include Type C 2.0 Male to Type C 2.0 Male, Angled(180°Angle) USB-C Male to USB2.0 A Male, USB-C Male to USB 2.0 A Male, USB-C 2.0 Male To USB-C 2.0 Male, Angled(90°Angle) USB-C Male To USB2.0 A Male, USB C to 3.5mm, Type C Male To 3.5mm Audio+ Type-C Male to 3.5mm Audio Cable, Type-C Male to 3.5mm Audio Adapter, and so on. We have UGREEN Lightning converters and cables such as Lightning to Type-C 2.0 Male, Lightning to 3.5mm Female Adapter, Lightning to USB 2.0 A Male, etc. We have a UGREEN 3.5mm male to male and a male to dual 3.5mm female audio cable. Our selection of UGREEN OTG products includes USB-C to Micro USB, Type C to USB 3.0 A with Lanyard, 2 in 1 USB C and USB A, 2 in 1 HDMI Switcher 4K 60Hz, USB C to USB 3.0, and more. We offer UGREEN USB 2.0 converters and cables like USB 2.0 A to Micro USB Lightning Type C, USB 2.0 A Male to Micro USB + USB-C Male 3A, etc. We have UGREEN Micro USB converters and an iPhone charging cable with a tail protection sleeve in our inventory.

UGREEN Earbuds

Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. carries UGREEN earbuds like the WS100 HiTune TWS, WS111 HiTune T1 TWS, and WS105 HiTune T2 TWS. Get the most recent price on UGREEN earphones by contacting us.

UGREEN Mobile Accessories

Mobile accessories also include several UGREEN converters and cables. For the mobile cable products information, visit the UGREEN cables and converters section. In addition, the Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. product range offers UGREEN smartphone chargers. Chargers from UGREEN include appealing features like quick charging and wall charging, among others. They also have different power capacities, such as 18W, 30W, 65W, etc. Additionally, we stock a UGREEN wireless charging pad and UGREEN card readers. For more information on UGREEN smartphone accessories, visit our website.

UGREEN Bluetooth Receiver

Several UGREEN Bluetooth receivers such as CM106 Audio Receiver, CM123 Audio Receiver, etc., are available in Bangladesh from Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. check our website for the latest UGREEN Bluetooth receiver price.

UGREEN Product Price in Bangladesh

UGREEN product price is very reasonable in Bangladesh. The best and most recent UGREEN items are available from Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. To purchase UGREEN products, get in touch with your neighboring Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. or buy online from our website.