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Rapoo's Beginnings

The brand Rapoo started its story in 2005. The origin of this brand is its mother company Shenzhen Rapoo Technology Co. Ltd., is headquartered in Shenzhen, China.  The name Rapoo means Flawless. Rapoo is mainly committed to computer peripheral device research and development, manufacture, and marketing. Rapoo is an ISO-certified company. They provide a wide range of products and mainly focus on computer peripherals and gaming accessories. The brand was the first to introduce the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz frequency spectrum.  In 2014, they introduced their first exclusive series of gaming peripherals, the VPRO series.  Rapoo became the largest provider of wireless PC accessories after dominating the Chinese market twice a row.

Rapoo Products in Bangladesh.

Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. is the sole distributor of Rapoo. Rapoo has been a part of the GBPL brand family since 2014. Rapoo is now an essential brand partner and has become a part of our identity. Rapoo has been producing computer peripherals in Bangladesh since its inception. Those peripherals include keyboards, mice, headphones, neckbands, wireless keyboard-mouse combos, and speakers. The Video Conference Camera and Video Conference Microphone are the most recent additions to the list. Rapoo cameras are high-quality, inexpensive, and adaptable.

Rapoo’s Market Operations

The company sells its products both domestically and internationally. Rapoo has a long-term commitment to the global wireless revolution and has established itself in 80 countries. To learn more, visit Rapoo’s official website.

Why Did We Add Rapoo To Our Brand List?

Rapoo has been manufacturing economy components since its creation. Their keyboard fulfills the basic needs of gamers. They provide various types of keyboards including wired, wireless, wireless touchpad, backlit, mechanical, etc. Rapoo keyboard prices are also modest in BD. Thanks to their durable and reliable keyboard switch. We have Rapoo’s popular VPRO series keyboard, the Rapoo V500pro mechanical keyboard, in our stock. Rapoo’s basic keyboard price starts from 725 BDT. Their other peripherals are also living up to expectations and ensuring high build quality. Wireless mouse prices are now inexpensive in BD. Rapoo's mouse has excellent build quality. They produce both wired and wireless mice. Rapoo’s wireless mouse provides excellent tracking and click feedback. The user experience is astonishing even without the software. Rapoo's basic mouse is priced from 450BDT. Besides, Rapoo has some excellent wireless keyboard and mouse combos. Rapoo wireless keyboard and mouse combos start from 1500 BDT. Rapoo headphones are fashionable and convenient. Headphone prices are becoming more convenient day by day in Bangladesh. Rapoo headphone prices start from 1100BDT. Besides wired headphones, Rapoo has good wireless neckband. Their neckband price starts from 1750 BDT. Rapoo webcams and conference cams are available in our inventory. When we examine their service with the price, they deliver a lot. Given its pricing, the Rapoo C260 webcam's low-light performance and quality are quite good. Our Rapoo webcams are starting from 3150 BDT. Rapoo PC components are reasonable in price in Bangladesh. That is why we added this brand to our list. We have a lot of Rapoo peripherals in our inventory. Gamers and typists are slowly but surely embracing them.

Rapoo Mouse & Keyboard Price in Bangladesh

The Global Brand Pvt Ltd website has a list of Rapoo products. GBPL is committed to providing you with excellent and up-to-date Rapoo products. You will always find the current Rapoo product prices on our website. If you want to buy a Rapoo product, visit our store or order it online.