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Origin Story

Asus, also known as ASUSTek Computer Inc., is a worldwide computer, electronics, and phone hardware company. It is a Taiwanese company headquartered in Beitou District, Taipei. Jonney Shih (chairman and CBO) owns Asus. Starting its history in 1989, Asus is now a public listed company. As of January 2021, Asus was the world's fifth-largest PC vendor by unit sales. Despite using different taglines in the past, 'in search of incredible' has been its tagline since 2013. Asus is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Their Global Products line of hardware includes tablet PCs, desktop computers, laptops, netbooks, smartphones, networking hardware, displays, wireless routers, projectors, motherboards, graphics cards, optical storage, and accessories. To know more about Asus, visit the official website.

Asus Market Operations

As of 2020, the net income of Asus was NT $28.4 billion, with total assets of NT $396 billion. About 50 service locations throughout 32 nations are part of Asus market operations. Asus has 14,700 workers and collaborates with more than 400 service providers worldwide.

Asus in Bangladesh

Asus is the manufacturer of Asus laptops, Asus desktops, Asus monitors, Asus PC components, Asus network servers, Asus PC accessories, and Asus mobile phones in Bangladesh. In 1997, Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. acquired the distribution rights for Asus. At that moment, Asus Bangladesh began its establishment in Bangladesh. Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of Asus in Bangladesh. Although Asus offers devices for all users, it is best known for its gaming equipment. Two unique categories exist for the Asus gaming products. Asus ROG and Asus TUF Gaming. Aside from the general series, both variants are available in most Asus PC parts, accessories, and products.

Asus Laptops

The Asus laptop reigns consistently in the laptop market by ranking at the top of the best laptop lists, thanks to its build quality, longevity, and premium appearance. Asus has many different kinds of laptops to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. The Asus ROG laptop series, TUF Gaming laptop series, the Asus ExpertBook, Asus VivoBook, and Asus ZenBook are some series offered by Asus in Bangladesh. Asus laptop series are distributed by Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. Asus laptop price is reasonable in BD. The Asus VivoBook line is for all users. Its unique features will boost your productivity and provide the best user experience. Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. has popular Asus VivoBook laptop models like the Asus VivoBook 15, VivoBook Pro 15, VivoBook S15, VivoBook 14, VivoBook Flip 14, VivoBook S14, VivoBook Pro 15 OLED, ASUS VivoAiO, etc. are in the product line. Asus VivoBook price is affordable in BD. Contact us for the latest price. Additionally, Asus produces the ZenBook range of durable laptops. With unique laptop functions, you can be the best version of yourself using the Asus ZenBook. High-end models of Asus ZenBook are available from Global Brand Pvt. Ltd., such as the Asus ZenBook 14, ZenBook Duo, ZenBook Flip, etc. Contact us to get the most recent price. The line of business-focused laptops made by Asus is called the Asus ExpertBook. You can purchase the best-selling Business Series Asus Expertbook laptop from us. Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. in Bangladesh sells the well-known Asus ExpertBook models, such as the Asus ExpertBook B1, Asus ExpertBook B9, Asus ExpertBook B3 flip, etc. The Asus ExpertBook laptop series price is reasonable in Bangladesh given its attractive quality. Get in touch with us for the current price. Asus gaming laptops come in both the ROG and TUF gaming variants. The Asus ROG Zephyrus, Asus ROG Strix, and Asus ROG Flow are examples of subdivisions of ROG laptops. Famous Asus gaming laptop models, including the Zephyrus G14, Zephyrus M16, Strix G15, Flow X13, TUF A15, TUF F15, TUF Dash F15, etc., are available from Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. Get in touch with us for current prices.

Asus Motherboards

Asus makes high-quality Intel and AMD motherboards that serve all types of users. These motherboards segmentation includes ROG, TUF, and Prime motherboards. The ROG and ROG Strix are Asus ROG motherboards subcategories. The Asus Prime series motherboards are for pros and all-rounder builders, while ROG and TUF are Asus Gaming Motherboards. Asus has Pro and ProArt motherboards for experts. The Asus Z series is an unlock processor series. You can overclock the Z series processor to get maximum output from your build. Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. has Asus motherboards. ROG MAXIMUS Z690 HERO, ROG MAXIMUS Z690 Formula, ROG MAXIMUS Z690 Extreme Glacial, and other models like TUF Gaming X570, B450, A520, B550, B560, B660, B670, Z590, Z690, etc. are available. We cover Asus Prime Series motherboards with the number series mentioned above, indicating the Asus Prime Motherboard model. ProArt B550, B660, Z690, etc., are for high-end content developers. See Asus motherboard models, availability, and prices on our website.

Asus Graphics Card

ASUS provides outstanding AMD and Nvidia GPU. Asus offers General Asus, Asus TUF Gaming (link), Asus Phoenix, Asus ROG (link), etc., which are some series of The Asus graphics card. Their GPUs with the ROG or Strix brands typically have thick coolers with numerous premium cooling fans. From Entry-level to premium category graphics cards, Asus manufactures all types in Bangladesh. Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. is the sole distributor of Asus graphics cards in Bangladesh. We provide all the GTX, RTX, and RX GPU series to our customers. Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. has access to popular Asus graphics cards such as the GeForce GTX 1650, GTX 1660, RTX 3060, RTX 3070, RTX 3080, RTX 3080Ti, RTX 3090, RTX 3090Ti, RX 550, RX 6600, and RX 6600XT. Contact us for the genuine Asus graphics card deal.

Asus Monitors

Asus produces top-tier monitors in the same way that it does other components. Asus offers monitors for various professional uses, including business, portable, gaming, and professional monitors. Asus ProArt displays are for professionals and content creators, while gamers can use ROG and TUF gaming monitors. Global Brand Pvt. Ltd offers popular Asus monitors like Asus ProArt Display PA248QV, ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV, ASUS BE24EQK business monitor with webcam, ASUS ROG, and ASUS TUF Gaming monitors, etc. to our customers. Monitor prices are reasonable in BD. Contact us to find the latest Asus monitor price.

Asus all-in-one and Mini PC

For those who don't want to spend time looking for and creating a suitable PC, Asus produces AIO PCs. In addition, Asus is here to help you with your little PC area or cash management for your business where you require a mini PC. To address the issue, use the Asus small PC. The Asus mini PC is available at Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. Reach us to get the best Asus mini PC deal. Besides the Mini PC, Asus also has an interesting stick PC known as the Asus VivoStick PC.

Asus Routers

Asus manufactures high-quality, affordable, top-performing routers for every user group. In addition to single, multi, tri, and quad-band Wi-Fi configurations, Asus also manufactures mesh Wi-Fi system routers. The Asus router has three groups, like other components: general, ROG, and TUF gaming routers. Asus routers can be found in the product distribution line of Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. We have famous Asus routers like the ASUS RT-AX82U, Asus RT-AX88U, ASUS RT-N12+, ASUS RT-AX3000, Asus RT-AX86U, Asus RT-AX92U, etc. Contact us to get your desired Asus Router at an affordable price in BD.

Asus Power Supply

The Asus power supply is feature-rich and of the highest class. Asus power supplies in Bangladesh are generally appropriate for gamers. The Asus power supply price is genuine compared to the product quality in Bangladesh. The Asus Thor and ROG Strix power supplies are available on Global Brand Pvt. Ltd power supply list. Our list includes Asus ROG power supplies with 750w, 850w, 1000w, etc. Contact us to get the most recent price.

Asus CPU Cooler

Asus is serving you with CPU Coolers for your high-grade PC, where you need a special cooling system. Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. has Asus Liquid Coolers. We offer Asus ROG and TUF gaming liquid coolers for every type of build. We have Asus TUF Gaming LC 240 ARGB, Asus ROG Ryujin II 240 AIO, Asus ROG RYUO 240, Asus ROG STRIX LC 240, etc. liquid coolers in the cooler list. Contact us for the price.

Accessories by Asus

Asus also provides customers with some of the most fashionable computer accessories. In our collection of Asus products, you may find Asus mouse, keyboard, mouse keyboard combos, headphones, earbuds, gaming mousepads, headphone stands, projectors, webcams, portable hard drives, Blue-ray disk drives (link), etc. You can buy these accessories from Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. We offer the Asus optical mouse (link), Mouse Keyboard Combo, C3 webcam, ROG Cetra earphones, ROG Gladius gaming mouse, Cerberus Headset, ROG gaming mousepad, ROG Strix, and TUF gaming headset, ROG and TUF gaming mechanical keyboard, ROG RGB keyboard, ROG Headphone stand, TUF gaming mouse, etc. to our respected consumers. Visit us to learn about these accessories and the most recent price.

Asus Warranty Service

Asus provides extraordinary support to its customers. Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. is the Asus official certified warranty service provider in Bangladesh. In addition to the original products, we provide valuable and authentic warranty service to our respected consumers.

Asus Products Price in Bangladesh

Most of the Asus product lines are reasonable in Bangladesh compared to their features, reliability, and durability. At Global Brand Pvt. Ltd., we always make sure that our consumers get the best and most genuine Asus products. Visit your nearest Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. outlet or website to connect with us and learn about the Asus product latest prices.