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The Origination of A4Tech
A4Tech is a Taiwanese computer peripheral company. Since its inception in 1987, A4Tech has been a private company until now. Its headquarters is in Xindian, New Taipei, Taiwan. The company first started with the production of mice. Later, A4Tech started making keyboards, mice, PC cams, hubs, headsets, speakers, and other computer and gaming accessories. A4Tech launched its new subsidiary in 2011, named A4Tech Bloody. Bloody early products focused on the inclusion of optical switches in gaming gear. Fstyler is one of the other divisions of A4Tech. Products from Fstyler are superior to those from A4Tech. A4Tech is an ISO-certified company. The company has invented and patented numerous exclusive features, including No-lag, Channel-lock, Double-click, 16 Gestures, 4-Way Wheel, V-Track, Optical Switch, and Light Strike Switch. A4Tech serves clients worldwide and has about 2000 workers. Visit the official website of A4Tech to learn more.

A4Tech Bangladesh

When Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. acquired the authorized A4Tech distributorship in 1997, A4Tech's journey officially began in Bangladesh. To this day, Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. remains A4Tech's exclusive distributor in Bangladesh. Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. and A4Tech provide consumers with top-notch general and gaming equipment in Bangladesh and is currently well-liked accessory brand among Bangladeshi consumers.

The product line of A4Tech in Bangladesh

A4Tech's product line in Bangladesh consists of the following items: A4Tech keyboard, A4Tech mouse, A4Tech headphones and earbuds, and A4Tech webcam. In its devices, A4Tech uses both wired and wireless technology.

A4Tech Keyboards

A4Tech manufactures keyboards such as wired keyboards, wireless keyboards, mini keyboards, and gaming keyboards in Bangladesh. Gamers in Bangladesh are likewise becoming more and more charmed with the A4Tech Bloody keyboard. A4Tech keyboards are available in a variety of styles from Global Brand Pvt. Ltd., including the well-known KR series, and the fstyler series. We have numerous popular A4tech keyboard models, like the A4Tech KR-85, A4Tech KR-92, etc. A4Tech keyboard price is very reasonable in BD. RGB is a characteristic of various keyboard models from A4Tech.

A4Tech Mouse

The A4Tech mouse may be an excellent choice when it is a matter of balance between mouse quality and price. A4tech uses Bluetooth, wireless, and wired technology on the mouse. Some of these mouse models feature RGB. Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. sells a variety of A4Tech mice in Bangladesh. Our selection of mice includes the A4Tech Fstyler Mouse and the A4Tech regular mouse. In Bangladesh, you can get well-known models like the A4tech N-70FX, OP-620D, FG30 Fstyler, FG35 Fstyler, etc. A4tech Mouse Price is budget-friendly in BD. For the most recent A4Tech mouse price in Bangladesh, contact us.

A4Tech Mouse and Keyboard combo

A4tech offers mouse and keyboard combos in Bangladesh. Most of these keyboard and mouse combos are wireless. Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. distributes some excellent A4Tech keyboard and mouse combos in Bangladesh.

The A4Tech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Price start from 999 BDT at Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. in Bangladesh.

A4Tech Headphone

A4Tech continues to produce high-quality headphones in Bangladesh, just like its other computer accessories. From stereo headphones to gaming headphones with unique designs, RGB lighting, and excellent sound quality, A4Tech carries a variety of headphones. Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. is offering quality A4Tech Headphones in Bangladesh. Our Headphone product line includes popular A4Tech Headphones. Contact us for the most up-to-date A4Tech Headphone price in BD.

A4Tech Webcam

A4Tech offers some quality webcams in Bangladesh. Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. has A4Tech Webcams in the webcam product line. Visit our website to learn more about A4Tech webcam models and the latest price of A4Tech webcams in Bangladesh.

A4Tech Gaming Products

The gaming line from A4Tech is called Bloody. A4Tech Bloody Series gaming accessories are becoming more popular in Bangladesh. Because of its superior quality and straightforward designs, Bloody gaming items are more popular among gamers. The cost of Bloody's products is fair given their high caliber. A popular series among gamers is the A4Tech Bloody gaming mouse. One of the more affordable gaming headphones in Bangladesh is the A4tech Bloody model. In Bangladesh, Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. sells Bloody gaming keyboards, mice, headphones, etc. Popular A4Tech Bloody goods including the Bloody W70 Max, Bloody B820r, Bloody Q135, Bloody G220, Bloody G200S, and Bloody G350 are among those in our product portfolio. Additionally, A4tech Bloody sells gaming mouse bundles that include mousepads.

A4Tech Product Price in Bangladesh

A4Tech product price is budget-friendly in Bangladesh compared to the product quality. Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. offers the latest A4Tech products to customers. You can buy the most up-to-date A4Tech products from your local Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. outlet or the authorized dealer house. For online orders, pay a visit to the website.