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Veritas Technologies empowers businesses of all sizes to discover the truth in information—their most important digital asset. Using the Veritas platform, customers can accelerate their digital transformation and solve pressing IT and business challenges including multi-cloud data management, data protection, storage optimization, compliance readiness and workload portability—with no cloud vendor lock-in. Ninety-four percent of Fortune 100 companies rely on Veritas today to reveal data insights that drive competitive advantage.

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Md. Mashud Hossain Talukder

Cell: +880 1977-476479

Email: [email protected]

Backup Exec

  • Manage your entire data ecosystem from a single console
  • Eliminate need for multiple point products
  • Set up backup jobs in a few clicks.


  • Resilience from ransomware.
  • Cloud Data Protection.
  • Virtual Environments.
  • NetBackup Resiliency.

NetBackup Appliance Solutions

  • Optimized Performance.
  • Fast Deployment.
  • Simplified Management.
  • Buil In Resiliency.
  • Proactive Support.

NetBackup SaaS Protection

  • Flexible Recovery.

  • Performance and Scalability.

  • Enterprise-Grade Security.

  • Automatic Compliance Enforcement.

  • A Single, Unified Management Console

Desktop and Laptop Option

  • Automated endpoint data protection.
  • Rollback capabilities for ransomware protection.
  • Automated reporting.
  • Endpoint migration and more.
  • Highly customizable backup configurations. 



  • Achieve superior service levels without breaking the budget.
  • Reduce risk associated with data that must be stored and produced for compliance, security, governance, legal and business continuity.

Access Appliance

  • Cost-effective solution for long-term data retention.
  • Highly scalable software-defined storage.
  • Multi-cloud capabilities.
  • Cost-effective data retention.


System Recovery

  • Reduce complexity with a single solution that protects servers, laptops and virtual machines
  • Protect data and systems quickly, efficiently and frequently with image-based backup
  • Minimize the disruption of system failure with fast, flexible, reliable recovery.


Predictive Insights

  • Improve operational efficiency.
  • Reduce unplanned maintenance and downtime.
  • Increase ROI.