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RAPOO V530 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

৳ 3,750.00


Optical responsive switch

Thanks to the optical responsive technology, this keyboard is designed to endure without metal contacts. It can meet your demand of intense use and stand up in tough environment like Internet cafés. Its incredibly smooth tactile feel of typing and quick responsiveness to every keystroke give you confidence to seize every opportunity and execute exactly right in game.

Excellent dust and water resistance

Tested to the rating of IP68, this keyboard is designed to resist dust and water. We ensure reliable protection and high quality. Whether it is splashed on by water or immersed in water, incredible water resistance reliably protects it from damage, making it extra durable.

Metal cover, full keyboard suspension design

Aluminum Alloy surface cover, suspension type keycap design, simple metal style brings comfortable gaming experience

Conflict-free design for all keys

Non-conflict design for all keys on the keyboard, allows you to press any number of keys simultaneously, ensuring your every command is registered and executed exactly and rapidly.

Individually backlit keys

Blue backlight with adjustable brightness, makes your keyboard cooler.

Durable keys with double color injection molding keycaps


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