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A4TECH P91s RGB Gaming Mouse

৳ 2,000.00

  • 1 Year Official Warranty
  • Metal X glide armor Boot
  • power of RGB Lighting
  • Key response 1ms


Infrared wheel

Infrared wheel can turn millions of times in its lifespan. and be actuate with the exact same precision as a mouse button.

Key response 1ms

With ahead technology , it reacts at lightning speed with extreme 1ms click response and you are perfectly equipped with precision and comfort.

Adjustable 8000CPI

Adjustable resolution 100- 8000 CPI, designed for various screen demand preference.

6 Weapon modes of left key

You can control 6 weapons modes with left key by presetting 1/N/3 scroll button / 2 side buttons via bloody mouse software .

The power of RGB Lighting

Made to give you all the freedom you need to set yourself apart, your bloody RGB animation opens up a world of extreme personalization possibilities. The lighting effects are programmable individually with 16.8 million color options, all easily set through Bloody mouse software.

Metal X glide armor Boot

Armor Boot eliminate friction on nearly any surface for smoother motions. precise clursor movements and improved accuracy.

Invincible 4 core

Upgrade to ultra core 3 to access the feature of 5 way gun adjustments. 6 sniper Modes for FPs shooting games and Quick 1 key Execution of Marcos in MMo games.

Additional information


PixArt PMW3325 Gaming Engine


100~8,000 CPI

Image Processing

3.61M pixels/sec

Frame speed



20 g

Tracking speed

100 ips

net weight


Response report rate

125~1,000 Hz

key response

1 ms

Durability Micro switch

Over 20 Million Clicks ( Left / Right Button )

Infared wheel

Over 2 Million Scrolls

Metal x glide armor boot

over 300 kms


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