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ASUS Graphics Card

Best Gaming Graphics Card Price in Bangladesh with video card,Gpu,Nvidia,Amd,Intel,Geforce GTX,RTX. 2GB,4GB,6GB,8GB,GDDR5,GDDR6,4k,8k resolutin, cooling system supported graphics card available here. Firstly, a Graphics card is an expansion card which generates a feed of output images to a display device. Similarly, these are advertised as discrete or dedicated graphics cards, emphasizing the distinction between these and integrated graphics. Moreover, At the core of both is the graphics processing unit(GPU) , which is the main part that does the actual computations, but should not be confused as the video card as a whole. Although GPU is often used to refer to video cards. Most video card are not limited to simple display output. Their integrated graphis processor can perform additional processing.

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