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Bluetooth Speaker

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Bluetooth Speaker Price in Bangladesh at Global Brand Pvt Ltd. Buy good quality bluetooth or wireless speakers in Bangladesh. We offer the best price quality products , fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Wireless speaker are loudspeakers which receive audio signals using radio frequency waves rather than over audio cables. The two most popular RF frequencies that support audio transmission to wireless loudspeakers include a variation of WiFi IEEE 802.11, while others depend on Bluetooth to transmit audio data to the receiving speaker. Wireless speakers are composed of two units a main speaker unit combining the loudspeaker itself with an RF receiver, and an RF transmitter unit.

The transmitter connects to the audio output of any audio devices such as hifi equipment , televisions , computers, mp3 players. An RCA plug is normally used to achieve this. The recover is positioned where the listener wants the sound to , providing the freedom to move the wireless speakers around without the need of using cables. The receiver speaker unit generally contains an amplifier to boost the audio signal to the loudspeaker : it is powered either by batteries or by an AC electric outlet. Batteries may last for 3 to as long as 24 hours: almost all wireless speakers operate on rechargeable batteries that are not replaceable ,so that the lifespan of these speakers is that of their batteries.