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Global Brand Private Limited (www.globalbrand.com.bd) HRM strongly believe that in an organization all people must be driven in business. Talented people have the ability to drive immense business. Human resource is an organization’s most valuable asset and we have to ensure they are equipped for success. To the business, HRM creates value by anticipating labor market trends, forecasting skills, addressing talent shortage, entering new markets, optimizing costs. HRM creates value by learning, developing, investing in careers and securing workplace and most of all valuing the happiness quotient of employees, creating employability, building a technology base healthy work place. An effective HR Management has more impact on a business success (31%) than the skills of individual HR professionals (8%). HR professionals need to work together as a unified team to fully create business value.



We embrace different people to create opportunities and strengthen performance through teamwork and diversity. We also emphasize communication, coordination, and respect from all team members to encourage our positive work environment.


We actively seek out individuals that can identify opportunities and develop new ideas to help GBPL remain a market leader in the technology business. A solid set of technical and professional skills combined with the ability to adapt to new challenges is a definite plus.


GBPL insists that quality is the first priority. We follow this principle in the production of our award-winning hardware, as well as our vast after-sales and technical support network.


The specific requirements of an effective HR Management and their impact on business success are shown in the table below.

To what extent are the following true of your HRM Mean (1 to 5) Relative Weighting on Business Success(100 points)
Interacts effectively with the Board of Directors / Management 3.67 7.7%
Has clear roles and responsibilities for each of the groups within HR (e. g, service centers, centers of experience, embedded HR) 3.65 7.6%
Matches the structure of the HR Management with how the business is organized 3.64 7.8%
Ensures that HR initiatives enable the business to achieve strategic priorities 3.62 9.7%
Develops an HR strategy that clearly links HR practices to business strategy 3.61 9.2%
Ensures that the different groups within HR work effectively with each other to provide integrated HR solutions 3.50 8.2%
Effectively manages external vendors of outsourced HR activities 3.49 8.3%
Invests in training and development of HR professionals 3.46 7.3%
Ensures that HR is a cultural role model for the rest of the organization 3.42 8.4%
Holds line Managers accountable for HR 3.38 8.2%
Connects HR activities to external stakeholder expectations (e.g. customers, investors) 3.25 8.9%
Tracks and measures the impact of HR 3.22 8.8%