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Evolis Primacy Card Printer
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Evolis Primacy Card Printer

Evolis Primacy Card Printer

Key Features:
Key Features
attr - Key Feature 1 > Single-sided printing, edge-to-edge
attr -Key Feature 2 > Standard 300 x 300 dpi resolution
attr -Key Feature 3 > Print Speed:600-850 cph (Black) Print Speed:190 - 225 cph(Color)
Key Features
attr - Key Feature 1 > Single-sided printing, edge-to-edge
attr -Key Feature 2 > Standard 300 x 300 dpi resolution
attr -Key Feature 3 > Print Speed:600-850 cph (Black) Print Speed:190 - 225 cph(Color)

Speed and versatility

The Primacy printer is ultra fast, powerful, and efficient. Using advanced encoding technologies, this office printer is the ideal solution for printing personalized cards, from the simplest to the most secure.

Available as single or double-sided, Primacy especially meets card printing and encoding needs for medium and large runs.

Primacy is ideal for producing:


As part of its eco-design approach which aims to reduce the environmental footprint of its products, Evolis:

  • Prioritizes the use of recycled materials in the manufacturing of its printers and consumables,
  • Designs compact and light printers to reduce CO2 emissions related to transport and packaging,
  • Reduces the electrical consumption of its printers with a highly efficient prolonged standby mode.

Save time and increase your productivity

Optimized production and independence

Primacy is adapted to printing in batches as it personalizes cards in record time:

  • In color: up to 225 single-sided cards per hour and 140 double-sided cards per hour,
  • In monochrome: up to 1,000 cards per hour, as the cards are ejected at the rear, enabling the printing speed to be increased (delivered as standard).

The large capacity of the feeder and hopper, which can each hold 100 cards:

  • Provides a great level of autonomy in a very reduced space,
  • And thus reduces the frequency of reloading the cards.

Professional printing

Primacy prints your cards in a high photographic resolution and from edge to edge for a flawless result.

  • Color printing: up to 300×600 dpi
  • Monochrome printing: up to 300×1200 dpi

Quick and easy to use

  • The Primacy printer adapts to your needs:
    • For use in office mode
      • The cards are handled at the front of the machine, ensuring that it is quick to use and allowing you to keep an eye on the printing at any time.
    • For over-the-counter applications (banks, events, shops, etc.):
      • A printer model equipped with an open hopper is available, so you can collect the cards one by one and hand them instantly to your customers or visitors.
      • The touchscreen (optional) allows you to interact with the printer in real time.
    • For applications requiring a high level of security in card printing:
      • If specifically requested, a model is available with an electro-mechanical locking system to secure access to the printer:
        • Blank cards,
        • Printing ribbons,
        • Printer core and encoding systems,
    • From your computer:
      • The Evolis Premium Suite® software lets you easily control the printer thanks to notifications directly on your screen.
      • With the Evolis software development kit (SDK), you can easily integrate the Primacy systems into your existing IT systems.
  • The Evolis High Trust® printing ribbons are installed in an instant and are recognized and automatically configured by the printer.

A long term vision


As Primacy adapts to your needs, you can activate the double-sided printing function on site.
You can adapt your printer at any time by integrating a CLM (Card Lamination Module) or a variety of encoders:

  • Magnetic strip,
  • Contact chip,
  • Or contactless chip.

Sustainable investment

Primacy benefits from the experience and proven quality control of Evolis. It guarantees optimal functioning and a perfect result. Evolis’ firm commitment to quality is also illustrated by the printer’s standard three-year guarantee.

Primacy GO Pack

All-in-one solution to create your cards from databases

Evolis proposes new references of all-in-one packs for Primacy*.

Primacy GO pack contains everything you need to create single or dual-sided cards from your existing databases:

  • Primacy Simplex or Primacy Duplex card printer
  • cardPresso XS card design software – Connects to databases: Excel, .csv and .txt formats
  • YMCKO color ribbon for 200 prints
  • 100 PVC cards – 30mil – 0,76 mm

This ideal package offers the best value for your money !

*not applicable for Latin America


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