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Origin of BOYA Microphone Brand

BOYA is a high-quality condenser microphones brand. The trademark BOYA is owned by Shenzhen Jiayz Photo Industrial. BOYA started its journey in 2007 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. BOYA specializes in various types of microphones. Several BOYA Microphones have gained popularity worldwide. The company's quality assurance system, production, supply chain management, and control skills guarantee the on-time delivery of cost-effective quality products. To know more about BOYA, visit the official website.

Market Operation By BOYA

BOYA possesses a central laboratory and electro-acoustic research and development facilities, which cover all types of microphones in all fields. With a yearly output of 500,000 PCS, BOYA employs over 200 highly qualified employees, including at least 20 engineers.

BOYA Bangladesh

Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. acquired authorized distributorship of BOYA in 2020. Before that, non-channeled BOYA products were available in Bangladesh, which didn’t have an official warranty. Bangladeshi consumers are getting the official BOYA product with an official warranty after Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. took the authorization. Several BOYA products quickly gained popularity among customers in Bangladesh. Along with its main offering, microphones, BOYA also offers a variety of other products in Bangladesh. At Global Brand Pvt. Ltd., our product portfolio includes BOYA microphones, earbuds, converters, cables, and mobile accessories.

BOYA Microphones

Microphones are the most popular products among other BOYA products in Bangladesh. We have several popular BOYA microphones model at Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. These microphones feature Cardioid Condenser microphones, interview microphones, Omnidirectional microphones, Professional Studio microphones, and Windshield microphones, etc. BOYA has wired microphones in the manufacturing list. We have popular wired BOYA microphones like BOYA BY-M1 Lavalier, BOYA BY-M3 Digital Lavalier, BOYA BY-M1DM Dual Omni-directional Lavalier, BOYA BY-M1 Pro Universal Lavalier, BOYA BY-LM40 Digital USB Lavalier microphone, etc. are available in our inventory. Check our website for more models. The popular BOYA BY-M1 Lavalier price starts from 950 BDT only on our website. Additionally, BOYA Wireless microphones are also available in our microphone products line. Some of these BOYA Microphones feature a 2.4 GHz wireless. BOYA wireless microphones' prices vary moderately to high depending on the models. Visit our website for the available models and their latest price. BOYA has USB microphones. Some BOYA USB microphones also fall under wired microphones and feature condenser microphones, conference microphones, handheld microphones, cardioid microphones, etc. We have USB microphones too in our product lines, such as the BOYA BY-M2 Clip-on Lavalier Microphone, BOYA BY-MC2 Conference Microphone, BOYA BY-CM5 Cardioid USB Desktop Microphone, BOYA BY-PM700 USB Condenser Microphone, and many more. Some of the BOYA microphones come with a USB type C feature. You can use those on your smartphone too. We have a BOYA conference speaker on our product list too. Visit our website for the complete list of BOYA microphone models, their availability, and their most recent prices.

BOYA Earbuds

From Global Brand Pvt. Ltd., you may purchase some excellent BOYA wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Our earbuds products include BOYA BY-AP100 TWS, BOYA BY-AP1, BOYA BY-AP4, etc. Check our website for the availability and the most recent price.

BOYA Converters and Cables

Most of the BOYA cables and converters are for audio input and output. We offer BOYA XLR cables, Audio Mixers, and Mini-Jack to XLR Adapters with Power Converters, among other products. Visit our website's Converters and Cables section to learn more about BOYA converters and cables.

BOYA Mobile Accessories

The mobile accessories offered by BOYA are simple and also fall under converters and cables. These accessories include USB and XLR to Lightning cords, 3.5 MM to Type C adapters, 3.5 MM to Lightning adapters, and more. These converters are inexpensive. To place an order, go to our website.

BOYA Products Price in Bangladesh

BOYA products' prices ranged from low to expensive depending on the models in Bangladesh. We offer you genuine authorized BOYA products in Bangladesh. Visit our website to learn more about all offered BOYA products and their current prices. You can buy the latest BOYA products in Bangladesh from any Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. store.